Gratitude for February 21, 2014

This may sound strange, but I really feel like I’ve been coming into my own power lately. It has been amazing to watch and be in awe of myself.  I’m sure that sounds narcissist to you right now, but I promise it’s not. It’s not that I am any more special or able than anyone else. It’s just that I haven’t tapped into it as often as I could and now that I am doing it I can stand back in awe of what we are truly capable of.

I haven’t done anything other than presented my authentic self to the universe, honestly evaluated myself, my motives, what makes me tick and what I want for myself and my family, and I have been honest to myself and others about my needs. In doing this, I have brought about, or had brought to me, more opportunities, more coincidences, more connections, and more love.  

Even though I have struggles, some of them daily struggles, I am in a good place. Thank you God for always “entertaining” my ideas and dreams, bringing me what I need, and for always showing me (throughout my entire life, mind you) that in order to receive, all I have to do is ask.