What is God?

My beautiful son was born with an innate spirituality. The questions he has always asked and the comments he has made from a young age have always blown me away. I haven’t given him too many explanations on things other than that I believe in God, but not everybody does, and that I believe God is in everything.  I have had to be pragmatic in what I say because Mr. Right feels strongly that we shouldn’t “indoctrinate” him in any way. He wants our children to know our beliefs (which are a bit different), but to know that there are other ways of thinking and basically just give them the tools to make up their own minds about their own truth.

Declan has always maintained that even though others may not believe in God, in his heart he believes in Him. In my quest to try and impart my own values and spiritual beliefs and to try to answer some of his questions without telling him what he has to believe, I found a book that I thought might be a good starting point. It is called “What is God” by Etan Boritzer. We gave it to him for Christmas and I told him we would read it together sometime.

When I ordered it I had thought that I would read it before giving it to him to make sure it was aligned with my beliefs and with what Mr. Right would feel comfortable with, but with all the Christmas mayhem I didn’t have a chance before the big day. Yesterday I had a bit of free time, so I started reading it while eating my lunch. Declan had all but forgotten that he even had the book, but when he saw me reading it he came up curiously and with his newfound reading skills said ”What is God”? I said, “Yes. Remember we got you this book for Christmas. I wanted to read it first before reading it to you. It’s called “What is God.” This was his response:

“Awww I already know what God is! God is everything. He is a big spirit, but it’s not a boy or a girl because it is a spirit, not a body. We can’t see it. Unless we die, of course. When we die, we can see it clearly. And we have souls. Souls are the parts of God. So you see, I don’t need to read it.”

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Seems to me I wasted my money 🙂 I will read it to him anyway. Now that I’ve read it, I know that it is a lovely book that speaks to the connection between all people and things. It talks about many of the world’s religions and their common denominators. But really, who was I to think a book would speak his truth to him better than his own heart would? Once again, blown away.


It always feels like there is so much to do. Where will I find the time? I wake up feeling overwhelmed often with the amount of things that I feel I have to do and the lack of free (read: alone) time to do it. Perhaps what I need is not more time but fewer things to do.

Part of my vision for what I want to achieve with simplifying our lives is fewer things to take care of and fewer things on my to-do list. I mean really, if there are 20 toys to pick up 7 times a day that has to take less time than 80 toys to pick up 7 times a day, no? If I have 1000 square feet of house as opposed to 2000, that has to mean less time cleaning, no? Fewer dishes, less dishwashing? Fewer clothes, less laundry? Fewer random things, less constant organizing? Less debt, less worries? Less meaningless responsibility, more free time? Yup. That sounds promising.