Which Town is Our Town?

In the near future, we are going to be handed a bit of freedom and opportunity. At that point, we are seriously considering making a big move and doing some lifestyle changes. But there will be more to come on all that in another post…. For now, help us figure out our dream locale by playing a game where you throw in your two cents!

The game is called “Which Town is Our Town?” The rules are simple. You read what we’re looking for and what we’re not looking for and if you live there, have heard of there or have been there, convince us that YOUR town is OUR town!  If your town wins (by having the most votes for the town/city), I’ll write a post all about the pros/cons of your town and why we will or won’t be moving there. Comment below to cast your vote and sell us your great city 🙂

Your town is not our town if:

If the locals in your town think that 25 C is too hot or that -10 C is not too cold, then your town is not our town.

If words like sustainable living, organic gardening, homeschooling, small house movement or naturopathic medicine would raise a few eyebrows in your local coffee shop, then your town is not our town.

If it’s hard to find local foods most of the year, then your town is not our town.

If ½ an acre or preferably more of land costs in excess of 50K, then your town is not our town.

Your town might be our town if:

There is a beautiful beach we can drive to within 2 hours.

There are beautiful, snowboardable mountains we can drive to within 2 hours.

There is natural beauty to be found at many corners, and specialty coffee shops, bars, top of the line restaurants and all around rad places for cool cats at the remaining corners.

There are many young families and you frequently see children playing outside.

You have this amazing gluten-free bakery that gluten-eaters frequent because, yes, it’s that good.

There is a sense of community and pride evident by clean streets and friendly people.

ocean famWe want a place with an awesome vibe, community feel, natural beauty, and cool peeps. One of the most important things to me is being somewhere warmer than here (Southern Ontario).  Major bonus points (although not a requirement) if I can smell the clean, salty air that comes from living somewhat near the ocean. That being said, there is something to be said about loving what you’ve got, so I’m happy to hear from people who think our roots are already planted in the perfect place. Okay.  Sell it. Go!

5 thoughts on “Which Town is Our Town?

  1. So as much as I would like to say Brantford, so that you can stay near me 😉 As I was reading your post, Victoria, BC kept coming to mind. When I visited there I absolutely loved it! They have mild temps, the ocean, snowboarding nearby, stunning nature trials and a “hippy” culture that I know you wold fit into :). What a great blog@ Wy to go Erica and good luck with your search!

  2. Your town is not my town, but I know your town because I’ve vacationed there and hope to live there someday. Your town is Asheville, NC. You can snowboard in the mountains. You can drive to the beach. They have amazing natural attractions like waterfalls, National Parks, hiking trails, horseback riding, etc. There are plenty of crunchy granola people (although that’s not a term you probably prefer) and the most delicious GF food I’ve ever eaten. They are actually one of only a few GF certified cities (I looked it up and read tons about it). There were local markets and produce everywhere. They even have the strictest (like mandatory) and most comprehensive recycling program I’ve ever encountered. I can’t speak to real estate prices, but I imagine if you are willing to not live right in the city, you could find something to suit you. Even if Asheville ends up not being your town, you’d love vacationing there. Plan a visit. Seriously.

  3. Ugh, left a huge reply with all the fantastic attributes of South Whidbey and my email wasn’t recognized and the whole thing was wiped out! I’ll just leave it at this – So Whidbey has everything on your list and then some. I invite you to check it out. http://www.southwhidbeyrecord.com/news/139133434.html (our friend Celina small house builder – one of many)
    http://www.amazon.com/Blessing-Hands-That-Feed-Community/dp/0670025720 (our friend Vicki local food diva)
    http://www.langleywa.org/ – check out the rest here.
    And check your backend of your blog in the admin to see the entire dissertation I wrote!

  4. Of course I will have to say Ashland, Or! So far the best place I’ve lived next to our lil’ community in The Junction 😉 Ashland’s got ya covered. Awesome weather, 85f-ish in the Summer, 40f-ish in the Winter. Some snow, little rain, lots of sun. Rolling hills and gorgeous mountains, tons of mountain biking and hiking, educated hippies(in thought), close community, fabulous supportive homeschooling community, natural medicinal options, healthy community, its a walking/biking university town with a Shakespeare tourist draw. Lots of arts and the most child friendly place I’ve EVER been too! Great restaurants(gotta keep the tourists coming back), very farm to table local kinda place. Snowboarding nearby. Farmers markets and working on being a GMO free county. Lots of young families and parks. The largest community of craft breweries is in Oregon!!!! That statement alone should win, just sayin’. Quiet lil’ town of 20,000 people with diverse backgrounds, virtually no crime. Check out the pics online, it is seriously that pretty, not just from that angle or in that one picture. Because of the theatre not much raises eyebrows around here. A few nights ago after attending a multi-generational(http://www.patchysanders.com/music.html) community concert we saw a Knight in full armor walking about town, me and two little girls bolted out of the car to take pictures with him!!! We get to see deer everyday, its country with educated and respectful of others choices type of mentality.

    Downfalls: Ocean is 3 hours away, not 2 😦 but I hear good for surfing(in a wet suit!). High paying jobs travel by plane or work from home. Many people I know work from home or have a home based business kinda thing.

    Now that I’ve tooted Ashland, Oregons horn I will have to second that I have heard great things about NC too as one of your other commenters mentioned.

    • Christina! Lady, I have been thinking of you tons the last few weeks. It’s so great to hear from you. To be honest, Oregon is on the top of our list. Portland really because of the jobs. We’d probably be okay with anywhere in Oregon otherwise. We are also still thinking of Seattle area. And now that I know about the coolness that is North Carolina, I am thinking of that too. And Florida lol. So basically we are waiting for this wonderful Universe to give us a huge sign and awesome opportunity and then we’ll grab it by the horns 🙂 Miss you! xoxo

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